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Tian Yin is a leading producer of ferrite and related materials used in the electronic industry. Tian Yin manufactures EMI shielding and filtering components, wide band transformer and filter core. A

ll the products offer good quality and very aggressive price. Most important , to meet the maximum customer satisfaction, Tian Yin can evaluate and produce custom products under Customer requirement: CBS EUROPE SRL will be pleasure to meet your special request and will give you the best support.

Ni-Zn Material List.
Relative Loss Factor vs Frequency
Static Magnetiztion Curves
EMI Supperssor Clip Ferrite Cores ( for Flat Cable )
EMI Supperssor Clip Ferrite Cores ( for Round Cable )
EMI Supperssor Core with Plastick Case ( TRCN series )
Sleeve Core
Toroidal Core
Beads Cores
R6H Wide Band Choke Cores.
Balun Cores

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