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OMEGA FUSIBILI it’s a brand attend in the electronic market for more than 60 years, this factory no need presentation when we tell about circuit protection products (Fusible, Ptc, Ntc and other). With quality, reliability, big stock in Italy and fast service, OMEGA FUSIBILI it’s a very strategic partner for everyone looking for the best.

Cylindrical fuses / Glass Fuses, Ceramic Fuses, Approved Fuses, UL-CSA Fuses, Special Fuses, Fuses for English Plugs, Box Fuses

PCB Fuses / SMD Fuses, Pico Fuses, Micro Fuses, Cylindrical Fuses, Accessories.
Polytron / Polytron da Circuito Stampado, Polytron per Batterie Ricaricabili, Polytron SMD.
Automotives / Cylindrical Fuses, Tapared Fuses, Blade Fuses, Fuses for Industrial Trucks, Fuseholders.
Fuseholders / PCB Fuseholders, Fuseholders Base Mounting, Fuseholders Panel Mounting, Fuseholders in-line, Fuseholders Din-Rail Mounting, Accessories, Voltage Selector.
Clips and Small Metal Products / PCB Fuse Clips, SMD Fuse Clips, Clips for Automotive Blade Fuses, Fuse Clips Cover, PCB Contacts, Lamellar Contacts, Terminal, Flat head Tubes, Decimals Eyelets.
Terminal Blocks / PCB Terminal Blocks P.5mm, PCB Terminal Blocks P.10mm, PCB Terminal Blocks P.5.08mm, Sectionable Terminal Blocks, Sectionable Terminal Blocks Comb Shape, Terminal Blocks with Fusehoders.
Tact and Dip Switchesz / Tact Switches, Dip Switches, PCB Switches, Switches, Panel Mounting.
Thermal Protections / Axial Thermal Fuses, Radial Thermal Fuses, Thermostats.
IEC Connectors / Panel Mounting Plugs, Panel Mounting Sockets, PCB Plugs, PCB Sockets, Panel Mounting Plugs and Sockets, Panel Mounting American Sockets, In-line Power Connectors, Accessories, in-line Plugs, IEC Lock.

Polysnap / Vertical Polysnap, Vertical Polysnap with Filter, Horizontal Polysnap, Horizontal Polysnap with Filter, Screw fixing Polysnap, Distribution Boxes.
RFI Filters / IEC Power Inlets Filter, IEC Power Inlets Mini-Filter, IEC Power Inlets Filters with double Pole Fuseholder, PCB Filters, Bukhead Filters.
Cord-sets / Italian Plugs, European Plugs- schuko, English Plugs, American Plugs, Foreign Plugs, Double Pole Plugs, IEC Plugs-Sockets, Extension, Panel Mounting Sockets, Lock System.
Battery holders / PCB Battery Holders, Screw Fixing Panel Mounting Battery Holders, Screw on Cap Panel Mounting Battery Holders, IP67 Sealing Battery Holders.
Rocker switches and push buttons / 16A Switches, 10A Switches, Luminous Toggle Switches, Round Switches, Luminous Indicators, Metal Push-Botton, Luminous Push-Botton.
IP68 Connectors / Micro-Buccaneer Connectors, Mini-Buccaneer Connectors, Buccaneer Connectors, Maxi-Buccaneer Connectors, Ethernet Buccaneer Connectors, USB Buccaneer Connectors, Mini-Buccaneer USB Connectors, SMD Buccaneer/Antenna.

IP67 push buttons and switches / Round and Square Switches, Round and Square Push-Button, Snap-In Push-Button, Accessories, Read Mounted Push-Button, "Hall Effect" Switches, IF Serie Ø 25mm, IA Serie Ø 16mm, IRR Serie Ø 16mm,
Vandal resistant push buttons / Illuminated Switches, Low Profile Switches, Protruding Buttons, Domed Switches, Coloured Switches, Switches, Push-Botton for Entry Phone Applications.
Piezo switches / Ø 16 Piezo Switches , Ø 16 Illuminated Piezo Switches, Ø 19 Piezo Switches, Ø 19 Illuminated Piezo Switches, Ø 22 Piezo Switches, Ø 22 Illuminated Piezo Switches.
Sealed rocker switches / IP68 KR Switches, IP68 Indicators, IP68 Locking Rocker Switches, IP65 KG Protruding Switches, Accessories.
Toggle switches / Metal Toggle Switches, Plastic Toggle Switches, Push-Button, Sealing Boots, Accessories.
Actuators / Push-Buttons and Indicators Switches, Key Lock Rotary Lever Switches, Emergency Stop Switches, Accessories.
Led Indicators / Ø 6 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 8 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 12 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 14 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 16 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 19 Panel Mounting Indicators, Ø 22 Panel Mounting Indicators, Vandal Resistant Indicators.
Series CH / Fuse Disconnectors,Fuseblocks with removable drawer, Fuseblocks, Panel Fuseholders, gG e aM Fuses, Ultra Quick FF Fuses, 10x38 UL Fuses, Accessories.

Series DO / Fuses, Switches + Fuseholders, Single-Pole Fuse Bases, Gauge pieces, Protection Covers, Fuse Carriers, Accessories.
Series NDZ / Fuses, Fuse Carriers, Fuse Bases, Gauge Pieces, Delta Fuse Bases, BTicino Serie, Accessories.
Series NH / NH gG-gL Fuses, NH gG-gL 660V Fuses, NH aM Fuses, Single-pole Fuse Bases, Three-pole Fuse Bases, Accessories, Blowing Indicators, NH Special Fuses, Fuse Monitoring, TPS Fuse-switches and Fuses.
NZ Fuse Switches Serie / Horizontal Fuse-switches, Vertical Fuse-switches, Accessories, Special Fuse-switches, TPS Fuse-switches and Fuses.
Photovoltaic / 10x38 PV Solar Fuses, PVS-R Solar Fuses,750V NH0-NH1 Solar Fuses, 1KV NH0-NH1 Solar Fuses, 1.1KV NH1-NH2-NH3 Solar Fuses, 1KV Fuseblock with Removable Drawer, 600V Class R Fuse Block, 1KV NH Metal Bases, 1.2KV NH Single-pole Metal Bases, Accessories.
North American series - UL/CSA / Class CC Fuses and Fuseholders, Class J Fuses and Fuseholders, Class K5 Fuses, Class H Fuses and Fuse Base,Class RK1-RK5 Fuses and Fuse Base, Class T Fuses and Fuse Base, KLM Serie 10x38 Fuses, DMM-B Serie Fuses, FWH Serie Fuses, FWP Serie Fuses, FWJ Serie Fuses, Fuse Cover, 600V 10x38 Fuse Bases, Modular Fuseblocks BH Serie.
BS88 Series / Utra Quick BS88 240V Fuses, Utra Quick BS88 690V Fuses, Accessories, Industrial BS88 Fuses.
Ultra quick fuses / DO Serie Fuses, NDZ Serie Fuses, NH Serie Fuses, NH00 Serie Fuses UR.
Medium voltage / 7.2KV Fuses, 12KV Fuses, 17.5KV Fuses, 24KV Fuses, 36KV Fuses, Bases, British Standard Fuses, Accessories.
DC Fans Serie / Fans DC Size: 25x25, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 80x80, 92x92, 120x120, 172x150.
AC/DC Fans Serie / Fans AC/DC Size: 120x120x25, 120x120x32, 120x120x38.
AC Fans Serie / Fans AC Size: 80x80x25, 80x80x38, 92x92x25, 120x120x25, 120x120x38, 172x150x51.
Special AC Fans / Fans AC Size: 120x120x38, 127x127x38, 150x150x51, 160x160x65, 180x180x65, 208x208x72, 172x152x38, 172x150x51,172x150x55, 172x55, 222x60, 254x89. Fans AC/DC Size: 120x120x38.
Accessories / Metal Finger Guards,Plastic Finger Guards, Filters, Antivibration Fixing Accessories, Filter Unit, Wire Mesh Filter Unit, Connector.

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