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Since 1983, FASTPOINT has been producing and distributing a complete range of fasteners for industrial applications. Our well-grounded technical-commercial experience and high degree of specialization have enabled us to achieve a leading position in the Italian market and to include many leading European industries among our customers.

With a catalogue offering over 4,000 products, Fastpoint provides a range of fastening systems to meet any application requirement. Constantly focusing on increasing customer demands, we continuously add to our already wide range so that we can successfully meet new technological changes. Our strong point is the ability to design quickly new and even complex solutions relevant to this specific type of product.
We are capable just as quickly of manufacturing high quality moulds and even miniatures, at competitive costs.
Production is carried out by high quality machines and with systematic product controls, in line with current Europeans regulations.

Products Coding (material, colour or finish, packing etc.).
General Plastic Material Information.
Cable Ties.
Releasable Cable Ties.
"Cintex" Cable Ties.
Push Mount Ties..
Push Mount Ties.
Releasable Push Mount Ties.
Screw Mounting Cable Ties.
Marker Ties.
Marker Plates.
Cable Tie Mounts
Tie Holders with Hook, with Rivets, Screw Flexible Wing.
Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Mount.
Twist Lock.
Adhesive Twist Lock.
Push Mount Twist Lock.
Wire and Pipe Clips, Side Opening.
Wire and Pipe Clips, Top Opening.
Open Anchor Wire Clips or with Lateral Closure.
Wire Clips with Lateral Closure.
Wire clips.
Wire and Pipe Clips.
Realisable Wire Clips with Screw Fixing.
Wire and Pipe Clips.
Wire Clips with a Steel Grip.
Self-Adhesive Wire Clips.
Self-Adhesive Wire Clips with Lateral Closure.
Self-Adhesive Wire Clips with Cable Ties.
Flat Cable Self-Adhesive Clips.
Flat Cable Self-Adhesive Clips with Clousure.
Spiral Wrapping Bands..
Spiral Wrapping Bands "FAST".
Plastic Hose Clamp.
Flexible Hose Clamp.
Aluminium Self-Adhesive Cable Clip
Snap Cable Bushings.
Snap Cable Bushings.
Universal Snap Cable Bushings.
BOpen-Close Snap Cable Bushings.
PVC Open Grommets.
Semiblind Grommets./td>
Special PVC Grommets.
"Snap-fit" IP67 Protection Grommets.
Metric "Snap-fit" IP67 Protection Grommets.
"Snap-fit" IP67 Grommets.
Cable Clamps.
Pg Thread Cable Glands.
Pg Thread Locknuts.
Metric Thread Cable Glands.
Metric Thread Locknuts.
Spiral Gland.
Modular Gland Plates IP65.
PCB Spacers.
PCB Spacers.
PCB Spacers with Coupling.
PCB Spacers with Double Coupling.
PCB Spacers with Double Coupling Ø 2,5mm.
PCB Spacers with Double Coupling Ø 3,5mm..
PCB Spacers with Double Coupling Ø 3,5mm.
PCB Spacers with Double Coupling Ø 4.0 e 4,8 mm.
PCB Spacers Threaded M4.
PCB Spacers Self-Tapping Screw
PCB Spacers Self-Tapping Screw.
PThreaded Plastic Spacers with Snap-Lock.
PCB Supports.
PCB Supports.
PCB Spacers Fixing with Rivet.
PCB Spacers on the Board.
Self-Adhesive PCB Spacers Ø 3,2 e 4.0mm.
Self-Adhesive PCB Spacers Ø 2,5 e 3.5mm.
Threaded Spacers.
Nickel-Plated Brass PCB Spacers Female - Female.
Nickel-Plated Brass PCB Spacers Male - Female.
Nikel-Plated Brass Self-Taping Spacers.
Nikel-Plated Brass Self-Taping Spacers.
Led Supports.
Led Spacer Support.
Reusable Rivets.
Quarter Turn Rivet.
Screw Grommets.
Toothed clips.
Finned Plugs.
Plugs Low Profile.
Plugs for Variable Size Holes.
Plugs for Threaded Inserts.
Round Tube End Plugs.
Round Tube End Caps.
Round Tube Pipe and Plugs.
Round Plugs.
Rectangular Plugs.
Rectangular ABS Plugs.
Square Tube Plugs.
Square ABS Plugs.
Nut and Bolt Protection Caps.
PVC Caps.
Bushings washers.
Washers and Spacers.
Washers for Underhead Screws.
Strikes and Latches.
Metallic Strikes and Latches.
Quarter Turn Latch.
Push Latch Switch.
Door Latch.
Dampers Fixing by Screw.
Dampers Snap.
Rubber Feet and Push-In Bumpers.
Rubber Feet and Push-In Bumpers.
Rubber Feet and Push-In Bumpers.
Rubber Feet and Push-In Bumpers Interlocking.
Round Adhesive Bumpers.
Adhesive Bumpers.
Square Adhesive Bumpers.
Adjustable Leveling Feets.
Plastic Screws, Coupling Cutting.
Plastic Screws Head Plug Cut.
Plastic Screws Head Screw Plug.
Plastic Screws Head Slotted.
Plastic Screws Head Beveled Cross Coupling.
Grub Plastic Screws.
Plastic Screws Flat Head Screw Knurled.
Plastic Nuts..
Plastic Nuts Knurled.
Rectangular and Round Pushnuts.
Flat and U-Nuts.
Grounding Plates.
Edge Clips.
Bulb Clamps.
Tabs for PCB.
Weldable Tabs.
Ground Tabs.
TTabs with Hole.
Close-End Connectors.
Insulation Caps.
Heat Shrinkable Tubing.

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