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Founded in 2006, CONNFLY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD mainly engages in R&D and marketing in the field of computer, consumer electronics, telecommunication etc.CONNFLY has passed through ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environment management system certification. All of our products have passed through UL, CE,FCC&UL certification etc. Via continuous innovation and effort, CONNFLY is becoming more competitive. Ended to 2013, weve owned 3 patents of inventions, 27 utility models and 11 design patents.

Our products include Micro Match、Machine Pin Series、D-SUB Metal Hoods, IC socket, D-SUB, USB, MINI-USB, DVI, Pin & Female Header, PLCC, FPC, DIN41612, Bread Board, IDC socket and Flat Cable etc. All of our products fit for the standard of EU RoHS environmental protection. All the products we manufacture are sent to Shanghai SGS test institute at regular intervals every year.
The quality and delivery time are well guaranteed thanks to fine management and efficient producing system. Because of this, the brand of CONNFLY has been widely accepted by more and more customers, Besides CONNFLY attaches great importance to the investment of R&D and we were granted the name of Ningbo scientific and technological enterprise in 2011 Year & Famous Brand of Export in 2013 Year.

Machine Pin IC Series.
Single Machine Pin IC Series.
Stamping IC Series.
IC Socket Pin Series.
Header Pin Series.
Clip Series.
0.80mm Pin Header Series.
1.00mm Pin Header Series.
1.00mm New Pin Header Series.
1.27mm Pin Header Series.
1.27mm New Pin Header Series.
2.00mm Pin Header Series.
2.54mm Pin Header Series.
2.54mm Pin Header Press-Fit Series.
3.96 Pin Header Series.
5.00 Pin Header Series.
5.08mm Pin Header Series.
Combinate Pin Header Series.
0.80mm Female Header Series.
1.00mm Female Header Series.
1.27mm Female Header Series.
2.00mm Female Header Series.
2.54mm Female Header Series.
2.54mm New Female Header Series.
3.96mm Female Header Series.
5.08mm Female Header Series.
Combinate Female Header Series.
Mini Jumper Series.
Shrouded Header Series.
Box Header Series.
IDC Series.
Flat Cable Series.
DIP Plug Series.
FPC Series.
FFC Series.
ZIF Socket Series.
PLCC Series.
Standard Series.
Piano Series.
Mini-DIP Series.
Mini-SMT Series.
With Mylar Series.
Switch Cover Series.
ATX Series.
1.25mm Series.
2.00mm Series.
2.50mm Series.
2.54mm Series.
3.96mm Series.
4.50mm Series.
5.08mm Series.
Other Series.
RJ11 Series.
RJ45 Series.
PCB JACK Series.
Hood Series.
RJ11 Series.
RJ45 Series.
PCB JACK Series.
Hood Series.
Zinc Alloy Series.
Plastic Series.
Plastic Plating Series.
Centronic Series.
DVI Plug Series.
DVI Receptacle Series.
Right Angle Series.
Solder Series.
Vertical Through Series.
MINI-DIN Series.
1394 Series.
HDMI Series.
USB Series.
USB New Series.
DIN 41612 Series.
Micro Jack Series.
MINI-USB Series.
BreadBoard Series.
Card Series.
PC104 Series.
PC104 Plus Series.
Standard Stack Series.
Micro Match Series.
Battery & Board to Board Series.
Card Edge Connector.
LED Series Connector.

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