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Founded in 1969 in Taiwan; FIRSTOHM is one of the few companies who are able to design resistors according to customer's requirements. The experience gained from more than 40 years of develop and manufacture of resistors it’s the best foundation for bring any customer request and find a solution. So FIRSTOHM can propose not only a excellent choice of “trought hole” and “melf” resistor but can also co-operate by following way:

  • Resistor application consulting
  • Development of specialty resistor according to your requirements
  • Resistor COST DOWN by equivalent substitute and multi-functional resistor to reduce other components.

With the constant research of best quality, during the years FIRSTOHM achieve this follow certification:

  • 1998 Awarded DIN EN ISO-9002 by TUV CERT Certification Body of TUV Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany
  • 2000 ISO 14001 certified
  • 2001 ISO 14001 Green Dove Award received
  • 2004 High-Voltage Resistor (HVR series) passed VDE0860 (EN60065)
  • 2011 ISO 9001:2008 certified- SGS patent granted by European Patent Office
  • 2012 SGS patent granted in Japan, China, and Korea
Products Brochure
Products Application Reference.
Series R / Carbon Film Fixed Power Resistors.
Series CSR / Current Sense Resistors.
Series EFR / Enhanced Film Fixed Resistors..
Series FGE / Fusible Resistors.
Series FGE26 / Fusible Resistors.
Series HDR / High Voltage Discharge Resistors.
Series HVR / High Voltage Resistors.
Series HVR / High Voltage Resistors, High Power.
Series M / Metal Film Fixed Resistors.
Series M60 / Metal Film Fixed Resistors, 0.6W Small.
Series MO / Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors.
Series MP / Metal Film Precision Resistors.
Series MQ - WQ / Cement (Metal Oxide and Wirewound) Resistors.
Series MSD / Pulse Safety Resistors.
Series MVR / Medium Voltage Resistors.
Series NFR / Non Flammable Carbon.
Series NL / Non - inductive Resistors.
Series PMA / Professional Metal Film Axial Resistors.
Series PPR / Pulse Protective Resistors 1/6 ~ 2W.
Series PPR / Pulse Protective Resistors 3 ~ 5W.
Series PSR / Power Sink Resistors.
Series PWR / Power Metal Film Resistors.
Series SCP / Short Circuit Protection Resistors.
Series SGS / Spark-Gap Surge Absorber / Arrester Resistors
Series SSR / Serie SSR Surge Safety Resistors.
Series WA / Wire Wound Resistors.
Series SWA / Anti-Surge, Wire Wound Resistors.
Series IG / Ignition Fixed Resistors.
Series C3 / Composite Film - Type Ceramic Composition Resistors.
Series ZOM / Zero Ohm Metal Film Resistors.
Series JW / Jumper Wire.
Series CP / Thick Film Chip Resistors
Series CPL / Thick Film Low Ohm Chip Resistors.
Series CPT / Thin Film Chip Resistors.
Series CPA-CPN / Thick Film Chip Resistors Array.
Series MM / Metal Film MELF Resistors.
Series MM(P) / Metal Film MELF Resistors (Pulse Withstanding).
Series MMP / Metal Film Resistors Metal Film MELF Precision Resistor.
Serie MMP(V) / Metal Film Resistors Metal Film MELF Precision Resistor, AEC-Q200.
Series ZMM / Zero Ohm Metal Film MELF Resistors.
Series CM / Carbon Film MELF Resistors.
Series CSM / Current Sense MELF Resistors.
Series EFP / Enhanced Film Power MELF Resistors.
Series HFT / High Frequency Terminator MELF Resistors.
Serie MVM / Medium Voltage MELF Resistor.
Series HVM / High Voltage MELF Resistors.
Series SFP / Stabilized Film Power MELF Resistors.
Serie SFP (V) / Stabilized Film Power Resistors, AEC-Q200.
Series SL / Slug MELF Resistors..
Series SLC / Slug Slug MELF Resistors Coated.
Series SM / Stabilized Metal Film MELF Resistors.
Series SRM / Surge Resistant MELF Resistors.
Serie SWM / Anti-Surge Wirewound MELF Resistors.
Serie ESM / ESD Surge MELF Absorber
Serie ISC / Ceramic Ignition Noise Suppression MELF Resistor.
Serie ISW / Wire Wound Ignition Noise Suppression MELF Resistor.
Serie FM / Fusible MELF Resistors

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