Resistors standard and special application. Inductor. Trimmer. Electrolytic, ceramic, film and tantalium Capacitors. Fuses and thermal protections. Quartz and oscillators. Ferrite and EMI-Filters.



Diodes (zener, high voltage, schottky) and Diode Bridges, Diacs, Transil. Transistor. Led (pth, smd, high power and plcc), Led-bars and Display, Photodiodes, Sensors.



Pcb and wire connection solution. Sockets. Pin strip. Faston, D. Sub. Terminal Blocks single and multi deck. Plug-in for pcb (male/female).



Switches (tactile, miniature, smd, watersplash, led insert), push and slide switches. Industrial and pcb relays.



Cable-tiea (standard, special, steel). Plastic solutions for electronics pcb management. Fasteners. Dissipators, Heat-sink and thermal solution for pcb and electronics systems.


Chi siamo

CBS EUROPE SRL was founded with the goal of being a reference in the world of electronic components distribution. Focused in the management and promotion of passive electronic components, we are a young company formed by a team of people with long experience in the field.

We are passionate in our work and we like to believe that our customers are satisfied with our service. We believe in our ability to adapt to the demands and needs of customers, our flexibility is proverbial.

“Your satisfaction is our best business card”


New CBS EUROPE SRL web release

Dear Customer, we’re proud to announce that from June,2015 you can find on-line our new website.
This new release it’s totally refresh about look and contains, in the same you can find a renovate E- commerce platform easy to consult but very powerful.
With the goal to give to our customer the best service possible we wish you happy navigating!

Every request you’re Welcome!


Totally renovate E-commerce platform!

The new E-commerce platform give you the possibility to look for the resource components distribuited by CBS EUROPE SRL and, at the same time (exclusive for the already customers or all that ask for web registration) the chance to look price and warehouse stock(or delivery time) about the components you looking for.
We improve other utility like:data sheets, research by part numbering, research by customer code and cross reference about some family passive components.

We like to remember you that our sales office (open 8.30am-18.00pm from Monday to Friday) can help you for every request concerning components, and every problem you can’t solve on cbs website.

So, you’re phone call it’s very Welcome!

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